Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

The team at Fletcher Hyundai wanted to share some important information about why you should be concerned about the tires on your vehicle today. With the warmer weather approaching, you'll want to make sure you replace those all-season tires with summer tires.

Summer tires are going to increase your handling and reduce the time needed for braking, but there's more.

The unique pattern in the treads of the summer tires are for pushing water away from the tires so the risk of the car hydroplaning is reduced.

The grooves in the all-season tires perform a function, but not having as many in summer tires is actually a good thing. More tread on the road in the summer will increase your ability to handle the vehicle and reduce braking time.

Take a ride to Fletcher Hyundai today and our team will inspect your tires and even replace them with new summer tires if needed.
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