Old Man Winter Is Coming — Keep Your Fuel Tank Full!

Old Man Winter is creeping on in, and before you know it it's going to be rather cold outside. We all have heard about needing to keep your fuel tank above half full during the winter months. Ever wonder the reasoning behind it?

It cuts down condensation, and having a low tank can lead to overheating your fuel pump. The buildup from the condensation the walls inside your fuel tank will go to the fuel line and if this freezes, gas will not be sent to your engine. In so many words, you will be starving your vehicle of fuel and possibly overheating your fuel pump.

With all this, will come massive headaches that no one wants. With Fletcher Hyundai, we recommend that everyone tries to keep their fuel tank at a full this winter time and no one will have those massive headaches — at least the vehicle won't cause it.
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