Warning Signs That Your Car's Brakes May Be Failing

Don't ignore the warning signs that your vehicle brakes are experiencing trouble. Why? Because you may not have any brakes the next time you need to stop.

While regular brake service is recommended (every 12,000 miles), it's also important to pay attention for any of the following warnings signs:

  • The brakes make grinding, squealing, or squeaking sounds.
  • Drips of brake fluid from the braking system.
  • The vehicle veers off to one side or the other or bounces up and down when the brakes are applied.
  • You smell something burning when you use the brakes.

If you see or hear any of these warning signs, contact Fletcher Hyundai in Joplin, MO. The skilled technicians at our service center can determine the extent of the problem and help you make sure your car's safe to drive.

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