Transport Food Like A Pro This Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, food is always a perfect gift when visiting family and friends. Here are some ways you can transport food safely and without any wastage.
• If you are traveling long distances freezing is ideal for ready-cooked dishes like meat. Please note that the right temperatures need to be maintained otherwise bacteria will grow.
• Safely package and seal all your foods before embarking on your journey to ensure raw foods do not mix with ready-to-eat dishes causing contamination.
• Maintain standard food safety rules same as you would at home. Basic procedures like washing your hands and utensils while handling the food go a long way in ensuring your food is not contaminated.

Now as you prepare to travel for the holidays, plan early enough on what foods to prepare and how to transport them. We at Fletcher Hyundai wish you happy holidays and advise you to pass by for services and maintenance if you are in Joplin.
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