Winter Is A Big Deal, So Is Kitty Litter

It’s five weeks short of winter’s official arrival here in the Northern Hemisphere of our beloved, life-sustaining, normally-blue-and-green earth. However, one part of winter virtually all of us don’t like is getting our vehicles stuck when we’re out and about; nor do we enjoy being unable to safely depart our own driveways. There are many tools that we can use to help avoid instances like that, each with their own pros and cons. 

Most of us are familiar with using kitty litter when our vehicles’ tires can’t gain traction – for example, getting stuck in snow or wet ground. However, using the clay-based near-commodity in our driveways, or on any other pavement, will result in kitty litter becoming slippery, also adhering to any solid ground, effectively reversing our intentions of vehicular safety.

Sand and salt both are great for driveway driving issues. However, only sand can reliably be utilized in the same form as kitty litter. Using salt will simply result in the salt itself dissolving.

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